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John Behringer

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John Behringer is an Industrial Designer whose work has ranged from Product design, Design education and champion of VISUAL THINKING..  Born in 1939, he attended the Parsons School of Design (NYU) in New York City where he earned his B.S.

1962 - Independent designer with such clients as Steelcase, JG Furniture Systems, Fabrey Associates, Stendig Furniture.

1964 - His design for JG Furniture Systems - the Link Bench - was selected for inclusion into the Permanent Design Collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

1965 - Continued his professional work by establishing the first Design Office who utilized the techniques of Semantic exploration and Visual Thinking .  Essentially it was the first Visual Think tank of its day.  Clients ranged from General Foods to Unilever Corporation.
Became a member of the faculty of the Parsons School of Design in the Industrial Design program.

1975 - Accepted a teaching position at the Rhode Island School of Design in the Industrial Design department.  His work with students continued his ongoing research of VISUAL THINKING.  At RISD, it became known as "Draw N' See" and Advanced "Draw N' See".

1981 -Appointed Head of the Industrial Design Department.

1986 - Appointed Head of the  Industrial Design Graduate Program.

VISUAL THINKING -historically Industrial Designers work in the framework that "Form Follows Function". Behringer, in concert with his mentor, Professor William Katavolos of Pratt institute, has developed a form "alphabet" which  dealt with form as a tool for functional exploration.  "Function can follow Form" as a creative process.
It uses a mathematical approach in developing forms first; which then are given speculative functions. These functions can then be visually manipulated through an on-going computer-like drawing process to find new potentials of that product  function.

1989 - Became Vice President of Design for Dansk International Designs Ltd...A 65 million dollar design-driven company creating unique contemporary products for the home. He worked with the leading international designers and crafts people around the world in developing products ranging from glass, wood, fabrics, plastic and metals.

He continued to maintained a  design relationship with RISD by establishing funded studio projects in cooperation with Professor Marc Harrison as well as being a visiting critic at studio reviews.

2001 - Executive Design Consultant to Marinha Grande / MGlass, Portugal. The Portugese government established a four year Design Grant for the purpose of organizing their leading 20+ Art Glass factories and Studios under one brand name - MGlass.
His responsibility was to work with 30+ young, talented Portuguese designers to create a World Wide Design Driven brand with a holistic approach. Over 500 designs were created all requiring  to have a design relationship to each other in order to create an identifiable brand.

2005 - New Product Consultant, Design Critic and Lecturer to Corporations, start-up businesses , Colleges and Universities who want to bridge the "Business of Design with the Design of Business".


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